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•Our Sales Staff and Customer Service Representatives are thoroughly trained to meet your packaging needs with the highest quality product.

•Our Promo Printing Program offers our customers high quality custom printed packages at a low cost and low quantities.

•We are here to help manage your custom printed inventory so you will always have the necessary packaging for your products.

•We have a highly trained creative team to help you create your custom packaging.

•We currently stock over 10,000 different products in our Warehouse. 
The Unger Advantage
Free Standing Cups
Free Standing Cups
Free Standing
(No muffin/cupcake pans needed)
Bake-In Cups
(Oven safe up to 375°)
Heat and Freezer Resistant
(Freeze batter in cups, pull and bake)
Heat Sealed Technology
(No wheat gluten glue)
Grease & Stain Resistant
(PE coated for non-stick)

Customize 40,000 minimum.

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