Item No. Description Gauge Size Pack Wt.
SBB0444U Lock Corner Box 0.016 4X4X4 100 7
SBB0632U Lock Corner Box 0.016 6-1/2X3-3/4X2-1/8 100 6
SBB0774U Lock Corner Box 0.018 7X7X4 100 14
SBB0844U Lock Corner Box 0.016 8X4X4 100 10
SBB0853U Lock Corner Box 0.018 8X5-1/2X3 100 10
SBB0884U Lock Corner Box 0.018 8X8X4 100 17
SBB0954U Lock Corner Box 0.016 9X5X4 100 13
SBB1002U Lock Corner Box 0.018 10X10X2-1/2 100 16
SBB1004U Lock Corner Box 0.018 10X10X4 100 24
SBB1005U Lock Corner Box 0.020 10X10X5 100 29
SBB1410U 1/4 Sheet Lock Corner Box 0.022 14X10X4 100 30
SBB1914U 1/2 Sheet Lock Corner Box 0.024 19X14X4 50 26
1. Black Licorice SBS Boxes
All stock items listed below are available for shipment.
Theses boxes are made of quality SBS board, white inside with black gloss outside. Note that the black finish will not show finger prints. These lock-corner style boxes are .016 gauge board, the same as our SBS window boxes for the smaller sizes, increasing in gauge as needed for larger sizes. Note that the 10x10x5 is a sturdy .020 gauge SBS; the 14x10x4 (1/4 sheet) is .022 gauge; and the 19x14x4 (1/2 sheet) is .024 gauge SBS. Available in many popular sizes. Perfect for cookies, pastries, candies, chocolates, etc. The most popular cupcake sizes (with inserts) are here. Also the three most popular decorated cake box sizes.

Black Licorice SBS Boxes
Please click here to see our 100% recyclable kraft interior, white exterior cupcake inserts.
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