Wave Top Bags
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White opaque HDPE film, economical, Light Weight, Large top opening with wide gusset. Designed to hold a 10" cake box with room for more on top. 

Custom Printing Info:
•Offset printing
•10 Cases minimum
•Can print up to 4 spot colors
•Plate costs vary on size and colors
•Lead time 16 weeks
•Mis-registration up to 1/4"

Item No. Description Size Pack Wt.
WAVEBAG2212U Wave Top Bag 22 x 12 - 10" B.G. 500 29
1. Wave Top Bags
Made of .00175 white opaque high density film. Has a 6" wave handle. Available in a variety of colors or tints of film.  Can be customized to almost any size. 
These bags have a large face to create the perfect walking billboard. Show off your brand.
Biodegradable and Oxo-degradable plastics: incorporate additive to the plastic which enables the bags to degrade quickly over time from natural environmental factors such as heat, mechanical stress and UV light.
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